11 Questions Never to Ask a Mom Before, During, or After Her Kid's Birthday Party

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Throwing your kid a birthday party can be a stressful event. You want it to be photo-filled and memorable. You want your kid to have the most awesome time. And you want the parents of the kids you invited to get a damn clue.

What is it with kid birthday parties that makes some parents lose their minds and ask the unthinkable? Minds are lost. Minds are blown. Here are the 11 questions never to ask a mom throwing her kid's birthday party.


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  1. Can siblings come?
  2. Do you think you can change the date since my kid can't make it that day?
  3. Can I just leave him here while I run a few errands?
  4. My kid doesn't like what's in his goodie bag; can I swap it for another one?
  5. My kid just threw up last night -- is it okay if he still came?
  6. Is that cake made with only organic ingredients?
  7. Are you serving juice? We don't let him have juice. If you are serving juice, we have to make sure my son doesn't drink any. Can you not serve juice?
  8. Is it okay if my kid helps blow out the candles? She gets upset if she can't. 
  9. My daughter really wants your daughter to open her present. Can she do it now?
  10. Can we take home some of your cupcakes for our other kids at home?
  11. Oh hi, birthday party! Sorry we forgot to RSVP! It's not an issue, is it?

Have you encountered any of these questions? What would you add?


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