Mom Takes Baby Pictures to New Level With Super Creative Doodles (PHOTOS)


Let's be honest. Unless it's our baby, or the baby of someone we're really close with, we can only take so many photos of other people's kids. I love babies to bits, but they kind of all look the same when they're really small. Unless they're, you know, 2 months old and out fighting crime. Or singing in front of thousands. Or scuba diving.

Confused yet?

Amber Wheeler had the brilliant idea of taking "ordinary" baby photos to the next level with some super cute doodles she drew. The Stir got to talk to her about how she came up with such an amazing concept, and yes. You get to see more pictures of her adorable son doing all sorts of cool stuff.

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These are so creative and amazing. Most moms are comatose when their babies are so small, how did you have the energy to do that?

Thanks! It really didn't take much energy at all. I just laid him down on white fabric and took a short video, then whenever I was sitting on the couch and holding him just hanging out, I'd work on them. It was easy!

How did you come up with the idea?

I had a coupon for a free photobook for Shutterfly so I was trying to think of something unique to do. It just came to me one day after working on the pictures for this shop. [Amber runs the Etsy shop, NerdyKawaii.]

Which one is your favorite?

It's so hard to choose! Either the Monopoly Man, Scuba, or Travolta one!

Do you have plans to keep doing these as your son gets older?

I do have some plans, I'm going to do Christmas ones of him with my baby brother, and I want to do a Star Wars-themed one with both of them as well.

Did you think of this before you had your son, or was it something that came to you after he was born?

After :)


Image via Amber Wheeler

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