9 Baby Halloween Costumes Made Easy: Pop in 1 of These Wacky Pacifiers & You're Done!

Jeanne Sager | Oct 11, 2013 Being a Mom

goatee pacifierHere's the problem with Halloween when you have a baby. You want to get them all dressed up because, OMG, the photos will be adorable! But then you go out and you start pricing costumes that they will wear for all of one hot second before they need a diaper change, and you start to question your sanity.

Have no fear! Halloween helper here! You don't need a whole costume to get your infant in on the action. That's what they make pacifiers for!

I don't mean that suckie they sent home from the hospital. Have you seen some of the costume pacifiers they have out now?

Hello easy (and cheap!) baby Halloween costume!

Your little bundle can go as everything from a vampire to a bunny for the holiday, and you don't have to figure out how to excavate them from a huge outfit for a diaper blowout.

Plus, you can use these again and again and again.

Which Halloween "costume" is your favorite?


Image via Future Memories

  • Super Simple Baby Halloween Costumes

  • Vampire Baby; $5.99


    Image via Perpetual Kid

    Why should that Cullen kid have all the fun? Add a little bite to their night with a soothie that sports a silicone orthodontic nipple.

  • T-Rex Pacifier; $5.99


    Image via Stupid.com


    Most kids go through a dinosaur phase at some point or another, and you can kick start your baby's with their very first T-Rex costume ... or at least a set of T-Rex teeth!


  • Goatee Pacifier; $8.95


    Image via Future Memories

    Ah, the little ones grow up so fast, don't they? See what he'll look like when he's sporting a hipster goatee!

  • Billy Bob Teeth Pacifier; $5.59


    Image via Amazon

    My, what big teeth baby has, Grandma! This suckie doesn't have the typical ring on the outside, so it's sure to make folks do a double-take (have your camera ready!).

  • Mustache Pacifier; $11.25


    Image via Amazon

    A typical sucker with a 'stache on top would be a riot on a little boy ... and maybe even funnier on a little girl?


  • Elvis Pacifier; $5.99


    Image via ChuckleHead Toys

    Chances are it will be hard to find blue suede shoes small enough for their itty bitty feet, but pop the King's snarl in their mouth, and your baby Elvis is ready to rock.

  • Bunny Pacifier; $9.99


    Image via Perpetual Kid

    You already call your baby your little bunny, so why not add the teeth and nose and call it a day? (Warning: carrots are choking hazards.)

  • Kissy Face Pacifier; $13.50


    Image via Piquant Designs/Etsy

    She's a lover, not a fighter, and this pacifier will help her tell her story!

  • Pig Pacifier; $5.80


    Image via Amazon


    You don't have to go whole hog on a costume -- just slip this snout in the mouth for the piglet look!

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