9 Baby Halloween Costumes Made Easy: Pop in 1 of These Wacky Pacifiers & You're Done!

goatee pacifierHere's the problem with Halloween when you have a baby. You want to get them all dressed up because, OMG, the photos will be adorable! But then you go out and you start pricing costumes that they will wear for all of one hot second before they need a diaper change, and you start to question your sanity.

Have no fear! Halloween helper here! You don't need a whole costume to get your infant in on the action. That's what they make pacifiers for!

I don't mean that suckie they sent home from the hospital. Have you seen some of the costume pacifiers they have out now?

Hello easy (and cheap!) baby Halloween costume!


Your little bundle can go as everything from a vampire to a bunny for the holiday, and you don't have to figure out how to excavate them from a huge outfit for a diaper blowout.

Plus, you can use these again and again and again.

Which Halloween "costume" is your favorite?


Image via Future Memories

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