10 Ways You Know You're a Southern California Mom (PHOTOS)

Jenny Erikson | Oct 10, 2013 Being a Mom

I may be biased, but I think California is one of the best places evah to raise kids. You know, if you can get over the high unemployment, the high cost of living, the high taxes ...

But you know, other than that, it's perfect. I don't even remember the last time I bought bug spray, y'all. Oh wait, yes I do. It was a few years ago when I took a summer trip to visit a friend in Wisconsin. I still got eaten alive, by the way. Sunscreen, however ... we have plenty of that!

There are a few other totally stereotypical things about being a Golden State mom. Here are 10 ways you know you're raising kids in California.

What things are particular to your state when it comes to raising kids?

Image via Robert Holmes/Corbis

  • Umbrella? What's That?


    Image via Norbert Schaefer/Corbis


    You panic every time it rains because you don’t own an umbrella, or you forgot where you put the one you bought a few months ago the last time it rained. 

  • There's Sand in Your Car


    Image via Jenny Erikson

    Always. No amount of detailing can get it out of every nook and cranny after all those beach trips.

  • You're a Fast Food Snob


    Image via Kevin R. Morris/Corbis

    You feel superior to other parents because you feed your kids In-n-Out instead of McDonald’s. They’re still fries, but they’re FRESH CUT fries.

  • Earthquake Drills


    Image via Damian Dovarganes/Corbis

    Drop! Cover! Hold on!

    They're as common as fire drills in elementary school.


  • Your Kids Don't Own Gloves


    Image via Sandro di Carlo Darsa/Corbis

    If they do, you have no idea where they are. Probably with the umbrella.

  • The Diversity Ceased to Faze You a While Ago


    Image via Fabio Cardoso/Corbis

    In a typical mommy and me class, you might find some traditional stay-at-home mommies, but also the lesbian moms, the older mom of triplets from in vitro, moms with different skin colors than their kids because of a biracial relationship or adoption, a teen mom, a stay-at-home dad, and a nanny or two. And everything in between.

  • Season Passes


    Image via Jody Watt/Corbis

    You have season passes to an amusement park. Disneyland, Legoland, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Universal, Knott’s Berry Farm ... this year the kids and I picked SeaWorld.

  • Healthy Eating Is a Competition Sport


    Image via Joshua Dalsimer/Corbis

    If your kids aren’t eating organic, locally-sourced, hormone-free, gluten-free, homemade-with-love meals, then you’re obviously a terrible parent. They can’t eat In-n-Out every day, you know.

  • Your Kids Don't Know How to Pull Weeds


    Image via Leonora Saunders/Corbis

    Let alone mow the lawn. You probably don't even own a lawn mower. Seriously, I don't even know anyone who doesn't have a gardener or does their own yard work outside of some recreational pruning.

  • There's No Such Thing as Indoor Weather


    Image via Jenny Erikson

    This photo was snapped last January. That is all.

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