12 Stages of Playing With a Toddler (PHOTOS)

toddlerIt's common knowledge that toddlers are like mini-drunks. One minute they're laughing, the next they're crying and peeing. Anyone who's ever spent 30 minutes with a toddler knows that they run the gamut of emotions -- real quick. Especially when you're playing with them.

Yesterday I was having a lovely afternoon with my daughter. We -- actually, I (gotta give credit where credit's due) -- affixed a sheet to two chairs and made a mini hammock for her baby doll and "stuffies." It started out perfectly pleasant. We were laughing and kissing and generally having a lovely time. But at around 25 minutes, she changed on a dime. It was as if I had abruptly snatched up all the stuffies and hammock and left her with a penny to play with. In all fairness, it was getting close to her dinnertime, but what up with that?!

For anyone who's ever been around a toddler, this one's for you. Here are the 12 things that happen when playing with a toddler.


At first, it seems like this is a great idea! The little one loves whatever you've got going on. They're all:


And they keep interrupting while you're trying to set it up. And you're like:

stef tanner

But then it's go time, and you both are like:


Things start out great:


And they continue to go that way for a while:


But then something happens. Something small. And your toddler doesn't like it. And they start to turn.


You avert the crisis, but then you realize, "Wait a minute. I'm not the boss here, am I?" And your kid is like, "Nope."


Then you start getting bossed around. Kiddo's like:


And you listen. Because you're scared. 


And then, just when you've accepting your role, sh*t goes down. Your toddler's like:


And you're like:


And then that's the end of that game.


How does playing with your toddler go?


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