21 Creative Halloween Costumes for Babywearing Moms & Dads

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Baby's first Halloween. It might be better than baby's first Christmas, or, heck, even better than baby's first birthday. Babies in costumes are literally too cute for words. But what is a parent to do on Halloween when baby still loves being carried around? There's no way to center Halloween costumes around a sling or baby carrier, is there? Well, of course there is! Get ready to jot down some of the cutest babywearing costume ideas for parents and babies we've seen.


Lots of new parents want to do Halloween up right with baby in tow. Whether there's a costume party with friends, or the neighborhood Halloween scene is bumping on the block, there is a way to tote the baby and get all costumed up, too! We've found several fun costume ideas that literally let babies hang out while their parents enjoy the festivities.

Yep, there's actually a baby carrier hidden in these costumes! Front-facing, rear-facing, there's an idea that will work for any babywearing situation. The level of creativity may vary, but all of these have serious potential for a best-costume prize! 

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Make baby's first Halloween outing one to remember -- or at least one to brag about with photos on Instagram. Here are awesome costumes for babywearing parents!

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