Baby Gets the Giggles in His Sleep -- Swoon (VIDEO)

baby laughing in his sleepWelcome to your Friday afternoon dose of cute. Do you like babies? Do you like giggling? Do you love it when babies sleep? This video delivers all three! It's nothing but a baby giggling in his sleep. That's all. There is nothing so wonderful as a baby who is giggling and sleeping at the same time. It's like visual Zoloft. Feeling anxious? Pent-up? Cranky? Dealing with a fussy baby? Watch this video and feel your whole body relax with joy. 

Parents know this actually does happen in real life -- maybe not all the time, but most of us get to see it at least once. And it's amazing. Sometimes babies really do laugh in their sleep, and it's the most enchanting thing you'll ever see.


We could spend all afternoon imagining what the baby is dreaming about that's making him giggle so delightfully. He could be dreaming about Mommy making funny faces, Daddy tickling him -- or he could be dreaming about something wildly beyond our imagination. Whatever it is, it's a free gift. No one is entertaining this baby. It's all coming from his own mind -- all that mirth and happiness. Don't you wish you could have a little bit of that yourself? Maybe we do -- maybe we all carry around with us that same tiny seed of joy that's powerful enough to make us laugh in our sleep as well.

Ahh. Okay, that was wonderful. Back to the salt mines, everyone!

Have you ever caught your baby laughing in his or her sleep?


Image via Varga Mark/YouTube

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