8 Things Never to Say to a Teenage Girl

frustrated teenTeens today are a highly unique breed. With their iPhones, Instagram accounts, and heavy addiction to Twitter -- their day-to-day activities are worlds different than what we had to deal with growing up. So communicating with them? Yeah, that takes precision, caution, and a whole lot of skill. Especially when it comes to us girls.

Hoping to be a "cool" mom that your daughter won't roll your eyes at? Then check out our suggestions for 8 things never to say to your teenage daughter.


1. Justin Bieber looked hot at the _____: Stop that. She most likely loves Bieber (even after that whole peeing in a bucket thing) and doesn't EVER want to hear you referring to someone close to her age as HOT. 

2. I saw on Facebook that you ______: Your teen never wants to know you're stalking them on social media. The fact that they friended you in the first place is a big step, one you don't want them to regret.

Teenage_Never_Tell3. You want to go see a movie Friday night? Sundays, weeknights, sure -- your teen would love a free trip to the movies. Friday and Saturday nights, though? Um, MOM, that's when all the cool kids go.

4. How was school today? It's annoying, I know. This question is almost always met with a one-word answer. But when you're just leaving work, do you usually want to tell someone all about it? Or do something else? Right. Something else. FYI: Your teen probably feels the exact same way. Let her decompress.

5. What's that on your face? She knows she has a pimple there. Believe me. Don't remind her.

6. So tell me what's going on with this Justin guy! If she wants to talk to you about the guy she has a crush on, she'll work it into the conversation on your way to the nail salon one day.

7. So see you around 11, then? Sure, she may not listen when you want her to, but using the word "around" when it comes to curfews or meeting times gives your kiddo free reign to be 15 minutes to three HOURS late. Their rebuttal? In their best whining voice: "But mom, you said AROUND 11!"

8. We'll talk about this later: You may as well say, "Hide from me for the next week and a half." If your teen knows that there's some sort of looming confrontation, she's going to do her best to avoid it at all costs.

Do you have certain things you try to avoid saying to your teenage daughter?


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