18 Examples of Why You Should Grab the Camera Instead of Helping Your Kid (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Oct 1, 2013 Being a Mom

One of my favorite photo series of my youngest son was taken when he was about 18 months old. The first image shows him gleefully stuffing his hand into the base of a sippy cup, the next image shows his dismayed reaction as he realizes his hand is stuck. His tiny brow is furrowed and his mouth is open in an anguished howl as his free hand scrabbles uselessly at the plastic. I'm sure I eventually helped remove the cup from his hand ... but the first thing I did was take his picture, because HAAAA.

I suspect most parents can identify with the experience of seeing their child get into some sort of awkward and/or inadvisable predicament -- and rushing for the camera before rushing to their aid. The truth is, sometimes the need for a moment to be captured for the ages simply takes precedent over a child's brief discomfort. (What? Oh, they're fine.)

Please enjoy these hilarious sorry-I-didn't-help-you-first photos!

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