Parents Surprise Trip to Disneyland Leaves Toddler Unimpressed (VIDEO)

toddler reaction to disneylandOnce upon a time, two little girls named Lily and Chloe went for a ride in the car with their mom and dad. They were on the way to school to drop 10-year-old Lily off ... or so they thought. Two-year-old Chloe didn't seem much impressed with the antics of her sister and mom, who was filming Lily talking about not wanting to leave her stuffed animal behind when she went to class. Chloe looks wise beyond her years. Teddy bears? Mama speaking in a high-pitched voice? Video taping everything? How trivial! she seems to say with those eyes. 

But then mom drops what we would all assume be the ultimate surprise trip to Disneyland Chloe's gives the camera a look that defies words. A must-see!


Love that glare Salt Lake City mom Katie Clem caught from her daughter Chloe. What are you talking about, Mom?! she seems to say. Who cares?!

Every time I watch one of these surprise Disney videos, I tell myself that it's silly to get teary-eyed over seeing the teary-eyed happiness of a child gifted the trip to what apparently is most kids' dream come true (clearly most, not all, not Chloe's, not yet anyway). But every time I watch one, my eyes well up. Even at this one. I'm just so happy for Lily and her teddy bear Duffy who doesn't have to be dumped for school this time and so thrilled that it seems Chloe might just grow up to be one of those innovator types -- a question the establishment, beat of her own drummer kind of kid. 

Until of course she goes to Disneyland, falls in love with the wonder of it all, and cries the next time her parents surprise her just like her big sister did.

What do you think it is about Disneyland that makes kids thrilled to tears?

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