5 Volunteer Projects Every Mom Can Fit Into Her Busy Schedule

woman helping with clothing donations

You want to make a difference in the world -- good for you. A lot of parents would say raising children to be decent people is enough of a volunteer project, but you know better. You want to make the world a better place for your children now. If only you had an extra five hours in the day! Finding time for volunteer projects can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Here are five volunteer projects moms can fit into our busy lives.


1. Take up collections: Whether it's coats for the homeless or eyeglasses, find an organization that takes collections and volunteer to gather those items from people you know. Set up a Facebook page, give people a deadline, and ask that they bring the items to your home. 

2. Senior center visit: If you've got an afternoon with just you and the kids, arrange to visit a senior center. Don't worry about bringing drawings or anything else -- just being there, with your kids, will brighten people's day.

3. Pet shelter visit: Cats and dogs love visitors, too. And shelters need a lot of help with everything from cleaning cages to taking photos of animals up for adoption.

4. Knit a hat for a chemotherapy patient: Organizations like Knots of Love collect handmade hats for patients. You can knit at your own pace. If it takes you six months to complete a hat, that's all right. You're still contributing.

5. Admin for anyone: Just about every non-profit out there could use some help keeping organized. Find an organization or cause that means something to you. Email them to find out if they need help doing data entry, filing, or any other small tasks on an ad hoc basis. Just be careful not to commit to more than you're positive you can take on so you don't leave them in a lurch.

What other volunteer projects can busy parents fit into their lives?


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