What a Kid's Bedtime Reveals About Her Parents

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Some of us parents watch the clock, and when it strikes a certain time, the kids must be in bed. Others, well, don't follow schedules at all. What works for one family isn't always going to work for another, and since it's up to the parents on what time their kids should go to bed based on whatever their lifestyle is, then there is no "wrong" time for a kid to go to bed, now is there? 

Kids could most certainly not get enough sleep and that's not healthy for them, but maybe the families who let their kids go to bed super late just have a bit of the vampire in them and everyone sleeps 'til noon.

We shouldn't judge, but for the sake of some laughs we can make some assumptions. Because what time your kid goes to bed really does say a lot about you.

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If you put your kid to bed at 6 p.m. or earlier, you are the most punctual parent around. Some call you anal, but they secretly envy you. When you say dinner is ready at 4:45, you mean 4:45 on the dot. You probably have a nice savings account, too, since you always get the early bird specials. You have no problem watching Breaking Bad as it airs because your little one is already deep in the dream state. Lucky. Maybe some of us need to learn a little from you.

If you put your kid to bed around 7 to 8 p.m., you might be one of those counting the minutes kind of parent. You are also probably no TV parent and your kids think yogurt is ice cream. You are a morning person and wake up in the bed moods (or with the strongest coffee). Your kids are never late for school.

If you put your kid to bed around 8 to 9 p.m., you might be one of those natural parents. You play classical music at bedtime, probably of the Baby Mozart variety, and maybe still nurse your older child down to sleep. You aren't worried about everything. Your kid just kind of naturally is ready for bed around 8:30. You seem to have this parenting gig totally under control but in the most effortless way. You might also be French.

If you put your kid to bed around 9 to 11 p.m., you are most likely liberals and your family enjoys a lot of take-out because no one likes to cook. Your kids might even be hooked on some of your favorite shows and you watch them together. There's no "you can't eat that since it's late" kind of talk either. You are the house every kid wants to have a sleepover at.

If you put your kid to bed after 11 p.m., you are really an anything goes kind of parent and some think you are absolutely off your rocker. 

Not me though -- I'm of the mindset that whatever works for your family works!

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