Talk Like a Pirate Day: 12 Phrases Every Parent Needs

pirateAhoy, maties. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! You were probably hoping everyone would forget this year, but nay. We be back here with annoying pirate talk and dying to see you try some on y'self. No really, it'll be fun. Here's the thing: The only context in which you may talk like a pirate in public and still maintain a shred of dignity is when you're talking with your children. They're also the only people who will be impressed by your pirate slang. An opportunity to impress your kids! So we've taken a few common parenting phrases and translated them into Piratese. Savvy?


Hey, stop shoving your sister: Avast! Stop givin' the lassie the heave ho.

Get ready for bed right now: Get ready for some shut-eye, smartly now!

Clean up your room: Get this bung hole ship-shape!

Time for dinner: Avast, scallywags -- it be time for grub!

My gosh, I think you may be coming down with something: Blimey, ye scurvy dog, I believe ye be poxed.

What are you talking about? Are you crazy? Belay that talk. Be ye addled?

I'm putting you into time-out: I'll be marooning ye, but just be glad I'll not be giving ye a flogging instead.

Ugh, what did you get on your clothes? Blimey! What's that on yer monkey jacket?

Get in the car and let's go: Weight anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Stop fighting over those toys and let's talk: Arr, quit yer battle over the booty and let's have ourselves a parley.

No pouting: Don't let's see ye hang the jib!

My goodness, you're a mouthy girl: Shiver me timbers, but you're a saucy wench!

Know ye any other pirate phrases to yer liking?


Image via Ryan Ruppe/Flickr

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