10 Signs Your Teen Is Not a Little Kid Anymore

growing upWhen you have a kid, you expect them to change. That's all part and parcel of growing up. But the closer my daughter gets to the teen years, the more I'm realizing change is an understatement. She isn't just changing. She is doing a total 180 on me!

Everything I thought I "knew" about parenting a "little kid" is going out the window, along with (small) chunks of my sanity. Just look at how kids change!


1. Then: Telling them to shower was akin to telling them to walk on hot coals.

  • Now: The hot water is all gone, and still you can't get them out.

2. Then: You couldn't get them to close the gosh darn door.

  • Now: You can't get them to OPEN their bedroom door.

3. Then: You couldn't get them to stay in bed.

  • Now: You'd think they were chained to the bed with the time they spend in there.

4. Then: They talked. CONSTANTLY.

Now: They grunt and say "whatever" a lot.

5. Then: You had never felt smarter; they thought you knew EVERYTHING.

  • Now: You're an IDIOT, Mom [eye roll, sigh].

6. Then: Vegetables were poison plants from Jupiter.

  • Now: They're dabbling in veganism.

7. Then: They were bright eyed and bushy tailed when you needed five more minutes, just five more minutes.

  • Now: See above regarding chained to the bed.

8. Then: They can't wait to get on the bus to see their friends.

  • Now: Oh, Mom, why do I have to ride the bus? It's so embarrassing!

9. Then: She wanted to grow up to marry Daddy, and you thought it was just so darn cute.

  • Now: She's talking about marrying this guy, and you're out of your freakin' mind disturbed.

10. Then: The biggest dangers to your clothes were fingerpaint spills and jelly handprints.

  • Now: What clothes? You haven't seen that sweater in months.

What has your kid done a 180 on?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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