Little Boy Says 'Bow & Arrow' In a Disastrously Dirty Way & Dad Just Eggs Him On (VIDEO)

boner kidOh, kids say the darndest things! You know, like gut-bustingly funny toddler mispronunciations we were just talking about -- except not all of those "darndest" things are darndest things. Some of them are more like $&*%@!# things, depending on how, exactly, a toddler happens to mispronounce them. Such is the case with the little boy in this video, who -- lucky guy! -- has just had the good fortune to acquire a brand new ... bow and arrow.

Except, as you may have guessed by now, this little boy doesn't pronounce bow and arrow like bow and arrow


Nope. No, not quite. The way this tiny guy says "bow and arrow" puts an ENTIRELY different spin on his new, um, toy. Let's put it this way: His dad may never stop laughing again. Really, there's not much more we can say without giving the very-worth-waiting-for surprise away, so just go ahead and watch this:

I know, I know! OHMYGAWWWWWD. That poor kid doesn't have a fricken' clue! His dad, on the other hand, knows exactly what's going on -- and he's no help at all, is he, moms?! I mean, dude, pull yourself together!! Don't tell your boy to SHOOT HIS BONER AT HIS MOTHER!! Are you prepared to pay for those therapy bills??

Of course I'm kidding; it's all in harmless good fun. And someday I bet this kid is going to grow up and find the whole thing so hilarious he tells the story as a pick-up line in bars: "So you know, when I was 3, I got my first boner."

What's the most unintentionally dirty thing your toddler ever said?

Image via shaycarl/YouTube

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