Little Boy Stays Up All Night Singing Because He's 'Not Sleepy, Not Sleepy, Not Sleepy' (VIDEO)

not sleepy boyDon't it always seem to go ... you don't know what you got 'til it's gone? That's definitely the case when it comes to little kids and sleep. They get to nod off pretty much whenever they want to ... but they never want to!! Youth is so, so wasted on the young! There's nothing more frustrating for us moms than trying to convince a child to go to bed when sweet lord above, the only thing you want in life is to be able to go to bed!!!

Anyway. Point is, kids hate going to bed. Much like the little boy in this video. Of course, John Thomas has good reason for not wanting to call it a night, and do you know what that is? He is not sleepy. NOT SLEEPY AT ALL. You got that? Not. Sleepy. At. ALL!


Which is exactly what his parents found out when they did a little late-night video investigation, as you'll see here:

Whoa! Looks like John wasn't figuring on an audience. (But what does he expect, belting out a catchy tune like that?) Still, he bounced back from the initial surprise pretty quickly. Probably because, you know, HE'S NOT SLEEPY.

John Thomas is now 17, but he has a big sister, Lauren, who still gets a kick out of that video. So she posted it on Reddit and BOOM! Thing took off like a shot! Which comes as no surprise -- after all, there are precious few folks out there who can't relate to bedtime battles. Plus, this one is epically cute.

Have you ever found your kid staying up late when you thought he was asleep?


Image via Lauren Marek/YouTube

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