8 Excellent Reasons to Let Your Kids Watch TV

kids watching TV

Are you a TV mom? You know what I'm talking about: one of those parents who prays to the cable gods and has taught her 2-year-old how to work the remote because, OMG, this modern technology thing is a LIFESAVER?


Me too. Funny thing too, I was raised in a TV-free household as a kid. I considered going that way. I really did. And then I got wise to all the glories parking your kid in front of the boob tube has to offer. Yes, it's true, there are marvelous reasons to let your kids watch TV; don't let that woman who reeks of patchouli dissaude you. Just look:

1. Mommy needs to have a sex life.

2. Dinner isn't going to make itself.

3. How else will they know they absolutely NEED a light up blender that sings you to sleep for Christmas?

4. Knowing how to say backpack in Spanish will come in handy when they want to go backpacking through Europe after high school. Probably?

5. The teenager down the street thinks she can charge $15 an hour? Pshaw.

6. Two kids staring at a TV = two kids who are not beating the crap out of each other. Sibling rivalry, schmibling rivalry.

7. Have you tried tracking down a good sitter lately? Ain't nobody got time for that.

8. They're leaving the darn dog alone.

Come on, spill -- why do YOU let the kids watch TV?

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