10 Hilariously Tragic Back to School Mom Fails

Yesterday I wrote about our frustrating first day of school experience, and I'd definitely say the administration and the bus department were at fault for my 5-year-old's bumpy introduction to kindergarten. If there's a silver lining to be found in our less than perfect first day, it's that I wasn't the one who screwed up.

It easily could have been me, though. Back to school time is such a dramatic transition from the lazy no-schedule days of summer, it's almost inevitable that something's going to get forgotten or mishandled as we all rush to adjust to new routines.

If something didn't go quite as planned in your household during the first week of school, you're not alone -- I asked around and plenty of moms (who shall remain anonymous) confess they didn't exactly handle every single detail as well as they'd hoped. Behold, 10 back to school Mom Fails that we can probably ALL relate to:


1) "I thought I was on top of everything -- I even packed his lunch the night before so I wouldn't have to remember in the morning! I put it out on the kitchen counter, and that's exactly where it stayed when we ran out the door and completely forgot to put it in his backpack. He had to buy a school lunch on credit, because I hadn't even put money in his lunch account yet."

2) "We missed the bus in the morning because I read the schedule wrong, and then I ended up driving BEHIND the bus like a madwoman to flag it down. My daughter was humiliated."

3) "At school orientation the teacher asked every student to bring in a paper that described their summer break activities. I made sure my son wrote his, and then I 'supervised' him putting it in his backpack for his big first day. Turned out he grabbed my grocery shopping list by mistake. I bet his teacher was thrilled to hear how he bought laundry detergent over the summer."

4) "I forgot to take first day photos until the end of the day when everyone was tired and crabby. Both my girls are scowling at the camera like I'm Miss Hannigan."

5) "I spelled 'first' wrong on the homemade sign my son held up for his school photo. I am not even kidding. It says 'FRIST GRADE.'"

6) "My son went to school with his shirt on inside out. I never even noticed until later that evening when I saw the Old Navy tag sticking out on the back."

7) "My kids took each other's lunches by accident. I'd even included little notes for each of them, but they were written to the wrong kid!"

8) "We were supposed to send in a classroom supply fee but I didn't have any cash and for some reason it didn't occur to me to write a check. My kid went in with a giant drooping envelope full of spare change."

9) "I messed up early release Wednesday pickup on the VERY FIRST WEEK. The school had to call me to come get her. I felt terrible."

10) "I was late picking him up because of traffic. And then I accidentally drove into the bus-only lane on the way out (my excuse is we just moved and it's a new school). And he forgot his backpack so we had to go back. AND I bought McDonald's for dinner because SCREW IT."

Did you have any back to school mishaps this year?

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