20 Signs You're Ready to Have a Baby

baby crazy eyesCan you ever really be ready for everything? That answer, my friends, is no. No, you most definitely cannot. Take having a baby for instance. You can think you are ready, but when it actually happens, you step back and think, Whoa! I did this. I am doing this. HOW IN THE WORLD DO I DO THIS? But you do it. And it's terrifyingly awesome. Still, there are some very distinct signs that truly prove how ready you are to have a baby.

Check out this list and see if you are ready to procreate.


1. You've had a dog or a cat and have adequately shown that you can care for it. You don't scream at the dog when she has to pee in the middle of the night and you have cleaned the litter box within the last 24 hours.

2. Your uterus starts panging when you see a newborn.

3. You cry an insanely ridiculous amount of tears when you find out one of your friends is pregnant.

4. You have already picked out a name.

5. You rub your tummy and stick it out in the mirror wondering what kind of pregnant belly you would have.

6. You look at your other kids' baby photos and only see the amazingness that is having a newborn. The sleep deprivation from that time wiped out any of the anguish you had.

7. You fantasize about taking birth classes with your partner.

8. "Family" is your favorite word and not something you only think about when you see Olive Garden commercials.

9. You've tried co-sleeping with a teddy bear.

10. You see moms walk by with different strollers and you already know which one you would want.

11. You've assessed your wardrobe and realized many of your regular clothes would totally accommodate a growing belly.

12. You saved those clothes that are too big for you because you think they'd make great maternity clothes someday.

13. When you see a baby crying, you instinctively want to soothe it and watch lovingly as the mother does just that.

14. You hear a song you love and think it would be great for a birthing playlist.

15. You've given a lot of thought about what it would be like to breastfeed.

16. When you get the IKEA catalog, you look through the kids' section and dream about what you'd want to put in a nursery.

17. You have an opinion on whether or not your daughter or son would wear pink.

18. You've imagined that birth might be something like going number 2 but with a better outcome.

19. You've done one of those online tests that melds your and your partner's faces together and predicts what your spawn would look like.

20. You. LOVE. Babies!

Admit it! How many of these have you done?


Image via Andrew Malone/Flickr

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