Grandparents Day: 8 Sweet Quotes to Celebrate the Beauty They Bring to Our Lives

hands old and young
James Benninger/Flickr

Have you called the grandparents in your life recently? If not, it's a perfect time to do so as today is National Grandparents Day. It's one of those holidays that's often forgotten, but our grandparents never should be. If we're lucky enough to have them in our lives, they can provide so much wisdom, perspective, and love.


While my grandparents are all deceased, I have so many wonderful memories of them, and I love watching my children make their own memories with my parents and my husband's parents. There's truly nothing like the bond they share. They're the only people to whom I feel 100 percent comfortable bragging about my children's accomplishments, and revealing my fears for them. They want nothing but the best for them and delight in everything they do.

In honor of these special people, here are eight quotes about grandparents to celebrate and share with them.