9 New Mom Fails So Traumatizing They're Tough to Admit

baby on carMoms are only human and we all make mistakes from time to time, but have you ever committed a mom fail so horrible you're almost embarrassed to admit it?

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to do everything perfectly with our babies and keep an eye on them 100 percent of the time -- sh&% happens -- and they wind up either being in a potentially dangerous situation or possibly even getting hurt.

And then we freak out and the overwhelming guilt kicks in and we wind up being traumatized by those mistakes to the point where we'll never forgive ourselves for them.


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Here are nine of the worst mom fails out there -- proving no one is "Mother of the Year" all the time.

  1.  "After a routine Whole Foods trip, I was driving down the highway when I heard my baby making this weird whimpering noise from the back seat. I briefly turned my head to see if he was ok -- and realized he was not fastened into his car seat! The straps were around his shoulders, but I'd totally forgotten to clasp the harness. I pulled over immediately and fixed the problem, but to this day, whenever I drive down that stretch of road, my heart drops into my stomach." -- (Yep. This one's mine.)
  2. "One time I was trying to click my daughter's car seat into the base. I totally missed it, and entire seat went tumbling down behind drivers seat. Whoops."
  3. "When my daughter was seven months old, she rolled off our bed, hit her head and suffered a concussion, even losing consciousness. I was sitting right next to her when it happened. Just turned my head away for a second. She was OK, and there have been no long term effects (she's four-and-a-half now.) But I have never gotten over the guilt I feel from that one moment. Not to mention it was the single most terrifying experience of my life. I thought she was dead." -- Elizabeth, The Writer Revived
  4. "I put the forward facing car seat back in the car after getting it cleaned. I must have missed a loop or latch with the seat belt. After the first left turn, my son started whining. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him safely strapped in the car seat -- which was laying on its side across the back seat."
  5. "Once when my oldest was about three or four months old, I put him on the changing table and took my eyes off him for five seconds ... that's all it took for him to roll off the table and hit the floor face first."
  6. "We had a case of the flu go around our house and I was down for the count. My son was probably a year old at the time and at some point in the night he woke up and threw up everywhere. My husband and I didn't hear him cry! I woke up the next morning to check on him and the poor kid had puke everywhere!! I still feel completely horrendous about it to this day!"
  7. "My daughter, my second, was literally home from the hospital for an hour when I decided to cut her claw like fingernails (being the pro that I was as a second-time mom, this did not intimidate me.) So I start snipping away with the baby clippers and NICK -- blood! Missed her nail and clipped the top of her finger. She survived and her finger was fine, but I was a bad, careless, over-confident mommy."
  8. "I let my son play out back and he managed to squeeze through the gate (still don’t know how) and my neighbor (luckily out front at the time) returned him to the front door. You can imagine my heart when I saw him standing on my front porch when I thought he was out back. And I swear I was checking on him regularly! I think my husband was even out in the garage nearby."
  9. "I strapped my daughter into her car seat while it was sitting on the kitchen counter. I turned around to grab my keys, and boom! The next thing I knew she was on the floor. Luckily she was not hurt -- but thinking about it still makes me cry."

Do you have a major mom fail you'd care to share?


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