7 Most Important People in a New Mom's Life

babyI read somewhere once that life goes in seven year cycles. You change completely in seven years, including your relationships. For me it was more like nine months (give or take). I gave birth and BAM, the people who were suddenly important to me was vastly different from the people who mattered before.

I'm not just talking about my daughter. Of COURSE she became pretty much the most important person on earth (well, to me and to her father). I'm talking about the people who became my lifeline when I was a new mom.

Did this happen to you?


Did you find being a new mom meant there were new people on your speed-dial, new people who began to mean ... everything?

People like ...

1. Your Pediatrician. It feels like you see the guy (or gal!) every other week between all the shots and the "OMG, the baby is sniffling, they must be dying" panic of new motherhood.

2. Your Mother (or Other Maternal Figure). I seem to recall early motherhood as a string of phone conversations with my aunt. "Why is breastfeeding so hard?" "Do I really have to boil the pacifiers?" "When will she sleeeeeeeeep?"

3. The Mailman. You probably never exchanged more than a "how's the weather" with the guy before, but now that he's the only adult conversation you get all day, he's like your BFF.

4. The UPS Man. He brings the big boxes of diapers you find online for cheap. 'Nuff said.

5. The Drive-Through Teller/Clerk. You used to get out of your car to bank and pick up your pharmaceuticals. Now the lady at the drive-through knows to lower her voice so she doesn't wake the sleeping baby in your backseat with that squawking mic.

6. The Pizza Guy. Who has time to cook dinner these days? WHO?

7. Other Moms. You might have been friends before; you might not have. But now you have so much to talk about that you didn't before.

Did you find your relationships changed after the baby came? Who are the most important people in your life right now?


Image via audi_insperation/Flickr

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