Is Binge Drinking REALLY a Problem for Moms? The Stir Writers Discuss! (VIDEO)

Moms Matter Google HangoutWhether we want to talk about it or not, alcohol is a part of many moms' lives. It's common knowledge that plenty of moms look forward to a glass of wine at the end of the day, or cocktails on a date night, or even shots on a girls night out.

But according to the CDC, more and more moms' drinking is getting out of control. The latest CDC report finds that more moms and older women are binge drinking these days (binge drinking is defined as four or more glasses of alcohol in one evening) -- and some writers from The Stir say they aren't surprised.

We talked about the issue in this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout -- Check out the video, then tell us if you think this is becoming an issue for more moms lately.


I've been a mom/stepmom for a long time now-- eleven years and counting-- and in that time, I've known a few moms who clearly had a drinking problem. I'm sure they thought no one knew, but it's actually hard to hide the smell of alcohol at 10 in the morning, no matter how much hair spray you're wearing! 

I know that at least one of these moms eventually got help, and I hope the rest did as well, but something that came up in our discussion is that far more moms are 'functioning alcoholics.' They may only be drinking at night, after the kids have gone to bed, but it's too much. As Adriana Velez said, I guess the pivotal question every mom needs to ask herself is whether alcohol is her go-to coping method. If the answer is 'yes,' she might have a problem.

How do you feel about drinking among moms? Do you think it's a problem that no one wants to talk about? And how much is too much?

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