Military Mom's Disguise Is So Good, Son Doesn't Even Recognize Her at Surprise Reunion (VIDEO)

military mom surprising sonAwww! Have you seen the video of a mom who just came home from a tour of duty with the military, surprising her son at his high school football game?

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for military family reunions. Who isn't? They have all the elements tailor-made for a good cry. There's a servicemember home safe and sound. There's a kid and parent being brought back together. And everyone is HAPPY.

But here's what I really love about how Sgt. Javelle Crowder set things up for her return to Nebraska from her third tour in Afghanistan.


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She disguised herself as a ref so she could sneak into the Bellevue West High School football game without the senior linebacker knowing. She truly made her return about her son and about what he loves. Just watch:

Are you crying too?

Choosing his football game seemed like mom was sending a message to Jovan that no matter where she is, no matter what, she supports him and his dreams, his loves.

That, my friends, is true love!

What do you think of this mom's disguise?


Image via KETV

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