20 Signs You're a Crunchy Mama


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Granola. Crunchy. Hippie. Natural Mama. Earth Mama. Whatever the term, people know one when they see one ... or so they think. People just love to put labels on moms, and these are among the most common.

They're not an insult, or at least not in most cases, but they definitely evoke a certain imagine. Of course, it's highly relative to the person attempting to put you in the crunchy camp. Sometimes a mere cloth diaper on your child will earn you the title, while with other crowds, you have to really crunch loudly to earn the badge. You may not even know you're a crunchy mom. In case you're wondering, here are 20 signs you probably are a crunchy mom.

  • 1. You have a chicken coop in your backyard, and you're not a farmer.

    2. You love a good chicken pox party.

    3. Scoring raw milk is your idea of a thrill.

    4. You and your husband haven't slept alone in your bed since your first child was born.

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  • 5. Your children indicate their need to nurse ... in full sentences.

    6. You use terms like EBF and assume everyone knows what you mean.

    7. You coordinate your wardrobe around wraps, slings, and other baby-wearing devices.

    8. Your kids whip out kale chips at the playgroup while the other kids eat Oreos.

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  • 9. You know some really good placenta recipes.

    10. Their diets are gluten-free AND Paleo.

    11. You not only use cloth diapers, you make them (and wash them) yourself.

    12. The only school for your kids is homeschool.

  • 13. You drive a Prius (and almost never look longingly at minivans).

    14. You use "family cloth" instead of toilet paper.

    15. You have a composter, and you use it.

    16. Your children aren't vaccinated and never will be.

  • 17. There's pretty much nothing you can't make yourself, from bug spray to cleaning supplies to granola (of course).

    18. You believe coconut oil and breast milk can cure pretty much anything.

    19. You use a menstrual cup.

    20. You talk about transitioning your children into their own bed ... about the time they're ready to go to college. 

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