Baby Goes Crazy With Giggles Every Time Dog Barks (VIDEO)

baby laughing at dog

OMG. There's seriously nothing better than listening to the sweet sound of a laughing baby -- especially when she's cracking up over something that most of us don't find the least bit entertaining.

On that note, I have a dare for you. Take a look at this video of a baby girl belly laughing at her dog barking -- and try not to giggle right along with her and fight the urge to smile while watching the sheer delight this pooch is giving her.



Can you say absolutely precious?!? Ok, so the belly laugh in itself is enough to make hitting replay over and over again worth it on this clip -- but my favorite part of the whole deal is that right after the dog barks, she first sounds like she's going to cry before erupting into fits of laughter.

It's almost like she's so startled she doesn't know exactly what to do with herself -- but then she decides the barking is awesome and can't contain her enthusiasm.

Aww. Babies. Aren't they the best?

Were you able to watch this clip without a grin on your face?


Image via ToddleTale/YouTube

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