I Totally Ruined My Son's First Day of School

first day of schoolOh man -- something happened in my household this morning that I've been anxiously awaiting for a good couple of weeks now. Yep, you guessed it -- my kid went back to school. Sure, I love the extra time I got to spend with him this summer, but as a full-time working mom, the period between camp ending and school beginning has been more than a bit hectic, to say the least.

And that's why I practically jumped out of bed singing today all eager to get him ready for his first day of second grade and send him on his merry way.

But now that he's been at school for a few hours and I've finally reclaimed somewhat of a normal routine -- I have to admit I feel a little guilty.

You guys, my kid totally got the shaft this morning as far as back to school excitement goes.


When he started kindergarten and first grade, it was practically a national holiday up in here. I took like a gazillion pictures in every location in and around our house I could think of, from him getting out of bed to him posing on the front stoop with an adorable grin on his face to him getting on the bus, the bus pulling away -- you get the idea.

Those two days in his life were such huge milestones. Then we woke up today and it was no big deal at all -- like it was any other day of the school year. (I didn't even come close to shedding one single tear!)

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Take a look at the photo above one more time -- do you notice anything strange? Yep. His shirt is way too small. Come to think of it, he wore the same damn polo last year for his first grade pictures -- so what the hell made me think it would still fit him this year? And I didn't even bother to change it, because then I would've had to pick him out a different pair of shorts, which felt like way too much of an effort in the 10 minutes we had before the bus showed up.

No, I didn't do any back to school shopping because it's still hot as hell. I figured if I bought him new t-shirts and shorts, they'd only fit for a month or so and then he'd outgrow them. Like the shirt from last summer. (Uhh, what?)

And don't even get me started on school supplies. I sent him off with a couple of pencils and nothing else because the teacher didn't send a list this summer. No list means I'm not expected to buy anything, right? (Guess I'll know for sure when he comes home.)

Wait, it gets worse. When I looked at the school lunch menu for this week, I almost did a cartwheel -- because today was chicken tenders, which means I didn't even have to pack my little dude a sandwich. (Score!) Hope he's cool with it and wasn't too disappointed today when all the other kids wound up with little surprises in their lunches. Fail. Or maybe not? The kid does really dig chicken tenders.

(Post-first day update: He got off the bus and said, "Best first day of second grade EVER!" before running and giving me a hug. Whew. Guess this means I'm still in the running for Mom of the Year.)

Has your back to school enthusiasm changed as your kids have gotten older?


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