25 Things Not to Say to a New Mom About Her Baby

newborn feetSome people just don't know how to respond to seeing a baby. Let's be honest here, some newborns are cuter than others, but still -- this is someone's kid we're talking about! The apple of someone's eye! The love of someone's life! You can't just go up to parents and start talking smack about their baby. How would you feel if someone did that to you? It'd be weird if someone just walked up to you and exclaimed, "Ew! What's that thing on your face?" I mean, amiright?

Here are 25 things not to say to a new mom about her baby.


25. "Oh my god, he's huge! What'd you eat while you were pregnant?"

24. "Aw. Too bad she's bald. Everyone's going to think she's a boy."

23. "Does she ever stop crying?

22. "He's SO tiny. You sure he was ready to come out?"

21. "He looks just like a little alien."

20. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

19. "She looks nothing like you. All your husband."

18. "Ew, when is that belly button thing going to fall off?"

17. "Wow, he's so ... hairy."

16. "Are those bumps all over her face normal?"

15. "Is that big mark on her face going to go away?"

14. "Ooh, you shouldn't dress her in blue."

13. "Newborns are never cute."

12. "Oh." [Pause.] "That's so not what I imagined him to look like."

11. "When do they start getting cute?"

10. "Geez. For something so small, he sure is loud."

9. "Is that normal?"

8. "He doesn't look like a happy baby."

7. "She's a little piggy, isn't she?"

6. "Why is she all crusty?"

5. "But ... you guys are good-looking."

4. "Ew, I think he's pooping!"

3. [After staring, slightly horrified] "I hope I wind up with a cute baby."

2. "Eesh, he's all red and wrinkly."

1. "That child is deeply and profoundly ugly."

Has anyone ever said anything rude to you about baby?


Image via SurferGirl30/Flickr

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