10 Creative Lunch Box Notes to Brighten Your School Kid's Day

10 lunch box note ideasAnd so it has begun. The kids are back in school, and the parents are back in the daily routine of stuffing homework folders and making sure school lunches are packed. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. It sure feels that way for the kids.

Do you ever wish you could let your kids know in the middle of the school day that you haven't forgotten about them? To hang in there, bud, because it's all going to be OK?

Ahem, Mom, remember that lunch box I mentioned before? It's all about the lunch notes!


You could just write "I love you" on a Post-It and call it a day ... or you could try one of these ideas to really rock their socks:

1. ABC cards -- These free printables cover 26 days of sweetness to your sweetie!

2. Chalk it up -- Chalkboard paint turns the inside of a metal lunchbox into a chalkboard where you can write a message every day!

3. Survey says -- Include a lunchtime survey (and a pencil!) so you can get a little feedback on their day.

4. Origami notes -- Write your good wishes on the inside of a little critter!

5. Riddle me this -- Crop photos of familiar objects and slip them in their lunchbox with the question "what am I" -- they can get the whole table guessing!

6. Banana notes -- Carve a message into the peel of their banana!

7. Pin It -- These clothespins open up to reveal a hidden message!

8. All Thumbs -- Draw thumbprint critters to make them smile.

9. Just a Joke -- No need to get fancy, just make them laugh with something silly. My favorite? "If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims!" Don't have a joke in mind? Check out the printable kid jokes.

10. Caught You ... Being Good -- Were they extra well-behaved at bedtime last night? Get an A on their test? Surprise them with a "caught you being good" coupon at lunchtime ... that promises something awesome when they get home.

Do you put notes in your kids' lunch? What are your favorites?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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