Little Girl's Adorable Reaction to Skyping With Dad Is Priceless (VIDEO)

girl skypes with dadThere's cute, and then there's holy freaking adorable. This video of a toddler Skyping with her dad falls into the latter category. Her name is Yerin Park, and if Skype hasn't already contacted her to be their poster child, then they should.

She starts out with a telephone, trying to talk to her dad. She's not impressed at all, and gets bored with the whole thing after a few seconds. Then her mother puts her in front of a big screen TV with her dad on Skype, and her reaction is priceless. She giggles, squees, and runs back and forth with delight. 

The video was posted last year, but has just started to go viral. Watch and you'll see why people can't get enough of this little girl.


Even though her words are in Korean and I'm not sure exactly what she's saying, her joy is universally understandable. She sees her dad's face there and is simply overjoyed. It has to be all sorts of crazy for a toddler to see Elmo or her favorite cartoon character on the screen one moment and her dad talking to her from it the next. 

Though we grow immune to its novelty the longer it's around, it really is amazing how technology can help families keep in touch. From parents who travel to grandparents who live in other states, there are some incredible tools that can connect us. We may not get quite as excited about them as this girl, but it would be fun if we did.

Do you love this video? Do your kids use Skype or other technology with your children to keep in touch with relatives when they're away?


Image via YouTube

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