The 6 Emotional Stages of Summer Vacation for Moms

back to schoolBack to school? Already? If you're not there in your part of the country, you likely will be soon, and no matter when you start, you'll likely be waving goodbye to your backpack-laden children and wondering aloud where the summer went.

Though it feels like it went faster than ever this year, it's actually almost always that way ... at least at this stage. We moms often forget the other stages once we move onto the next. You see, there are roughly six stages of summer vacation most moms go through, and we're just rounding them out now with the final one. Take a look and see if you're summer went anything like this.


1. Fear

As the final days of school draw near, there's a bit of panic. What will they DO all day? There are camps to coordinate, babysitters to arrange, and loooong days ahead to fill. Can we do this without killing each other?

2. Bliss

There's vacation, long nights filled with fireflies and friends, and the slower pace is good for everyone. No more homework. No more packing lunches.  What were we so afraid of? We got this.

3. Restless Begins Setting in

The sunscreen bottles are clogged and down to their last drops, which the kids keep spraying in their eyes. They are constantly complaining of being bored, and it's too hot to go outside. The TV drones on, and we start counting the days until school starts.

4. Ready to Erupt

Whoever thought summer vacation was a good idea deserves a really bad sunburn. The kids are wilted, bored, and fighting nonstop. I haven't been to my yoga class in weeks, and if I hear "I have nothing to do" one more time, my mind will explode.

5. Euphoria

Finally! We survived back-to-school shopping, and they're out the door. We heave a heavy sigh of relief in the blessedly silent house. Mimosa, anyone?

6. Depression

Summer is over already? Nooo, it went so quickly.

Does this sum up your summer?


Image via D. Sharon Pruitt/Flickr


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