The 11 Stages of Sleep Deprivation in New Parents

crying baby You've seen evidence of zombie-like, bleary-eyed new parents, and you heard the ever-so-annoying chorus of "You think you're tired now, just wait!" when you were pregnant, but it's true. Nothing can prepare you for the sleep deprivation you experience the first few months of your infant's life.

Except maybe this.

Here are the 11 stages of sleep deprivation new parents will experience. This is a serious matter, guys.


At first you're like: Parents have been doing this for millions of years. I goooot this.

high five

Then you're like: Okay, I'm getting a little tired.

britney spears

Then you're like: Dude. I'm really tired.


Next, you start getting punchy.

will ferrell

Then, eventually, you hallucinate.


You and your partner start turning on one another.


Then you both come to believe that your child is evil and trying to kill the two of you.


 Then you just accept it and are like, "Whatever, man."


Then, one day, your baby sleeps through the night and you're like this: kevin bacon

Then maybe this:

princesses long island

And then the next morning, you and your baby look at each other and are like:

will ferrell

Is this what sleep deprivation was like for you?


Image via Critical Moss/Flickr

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