10 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mom

mother yelling at childIs there any greater fear than that of turning into your parents? Especially after you BECOME a parent? If you're 32 or older, bad news. You're already there.

At least according to a new (entirely unscientific) survey, 32 is the age when moms turn into their mother. Phewww! I'm awfully close to 32 but not quite there.

Then again, I have stopped myself in my tracks with some of the momisms I swore I would NEVER say. So I guess it's really inevitable. It happens. You become your parents.

Not sure if you're there yet? Behold the signs:


1. You tell the kids you won't buy them candy because money doesn't grow on trees.

2. You can't name a single one of the songs your kids listen to; you just want them to TURN THAT RACKET DOWN.

3. You've found yourself running through the names of all your kids, pets, etc., before you actually get to the name of the kid you're speaking to.

4. You've threatened to turn the car around.

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5. You see uneaten food on dinner plates as an affront to starving children in a third world country (and mention this daily).

10 signs you're becoming your mother6. You have no less than 12 responses to "it isn't fair."

7. You caved and put the "proud parent of" bumper sticker on your car. 

8. Your daughter wouldn't be caught DEAD borrowing your clothes.

9. You don't have to use words to communicate with your kids. You just give them "the look."

10. You no longer look fondly on your teenage antics. And you plan to ground your kid's sorry fanny if they even THINK about trying one of them.

Be honest ... have you become your parents yet?


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