Grandpa Pulls Out Teeth in Front of Baby & Scares the Bejeesus Out of Him (VIDEO)

baby grandpa false teethHooray, another crying baby video. No really, I love videos of babies crying for crazy reasons. First of all, not my baby, not my responsibility. Second, their little scrunched-up faces are so cute. I just turn down the sound. So in today's video, a baby cries when his grandpa removes his false teeth. Yeah, it's gross. I almost cried, too.


Can you blame this poor kid? Imagine, you're still trying to figure out how the world works and what permanence means (very, very tenuous grasp on that concept at this age). Maybe this baby just barely got his own teeth, who knows. And then this beloved person in his life goes and takes parts of his mouth apart. WTF!?! Those things come out of your mouth? Will my mouth fall apart like that, too? Why didn't someone tell me? Oh my God, I'm going to have to cry now.

But there's a dark side to this story: No more babysitting from Grandpa. I'm sure this baby will never hang with grandpappy ever, ever again. Think he planned it that way all along?

Would seeing someone take out their false teeth scare your baby?


Image via Casey Clemons/YouTube

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