Baby Yearbook: 9 Smiling Newborns With Big, Bright Futures (PHOTOS)

Casey Rackham | Aug 23, 2013 Being a Mom

baby superlativesThis cutie would obviously win "Best Smile."Let's be real here for a moment: the best part of senior year was ALWAYS reading your class superlative in the yearbook. Am I right? I mean, yes, there were the normal ones like "Class Clown," "Cutest Couple," and "Best Dressed," but the funniest superlatives were always the ones that were complete speculation.

Some schools gave a "Most likely to be ..." to every student, which meant that a few of them got pretty creative and, well, weird. I remember mine was something along the lines of "Most likely to become a yoga instructor." Considering I seriously dislike yoga, I had to guess it was because I like exercise and I'm a pretty peaceful person. But really, most often they were based off some pretty random characteristics.

So if we can guess what the rest of a person's life will be like after high school, what's to stop us from guessing what a baby is going to grow up to do?

The Stir got access to these AMAZING photos of adorable smiling babies from photographer Amanda Saldarelli. We decided to add our own Baby Superlatives.

Did you have a funny or weird senior superlative?

Image via Amanda Saldarelli Photography

  • Most Likely to Be a Rockstar


    You just know this baby is going to have the time of his life rocking out in front of a massive crowd. I'm thinking Madison Square Garden.

  • Most Likely to Marry an Athlete


    No Yankees fan can deny having a massive crush on at least one of the players. This mini-fan dreams of marrying a mega-rich athlete. Season tickets, anyone?

  • Most Likely to Become Famous Fashion Designers


    These two little girls knew they wanted be a part of the fashion world from the moment they were dressed in their first onesie. They hope to be the next Dolce & Gabbana (but without the hefty rap sheet).

  • Most Likely to Still Be Best Friends in 50 Years


    Joined at the hip since before they can remember, these two little sweethearts do everything together. Their dream is to buy two homes right next to each other on a beautiful cul-de-sac and run a small boutique together.

  • Most Likely to Become a Princess


    This blinged-out diva hopes to take England by storm and be the next Kate Middleton. She's got her eyes set on little Georgie.

  • Most Likely to Become a Comedian


    This class clown always has jokes brewing in his little head and can't help but crack a few one-liners whenever he gets the chance. He hopes to one day be asked by the President to perform at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

  • Most Likely to Sleep Through Five Alarms


    This little guy always makes sure he's well rested. He would give anything to cuddle up with a blanket, kick up his legs, and take a long nap. Too bad he's late to almost everything because he always hits the snooze button!

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