10 Reasons I Can't Wait to Breastfeed My New Baby

nursingI am currently pregnant with my third child and my husband and I are just thrilled. As we are taking care to prepare our house and get the nursery ready, we are also preparing for all the changes this newbie will bring to our well-established parenting lives. Our children are 6.5 and 5, and the last time I nursed a baby was more than two years ago (and he was a toddler then!). Things have changed, but still, I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms and nurse her.

Earlier this week, I talked about the 10 things I am dreading about nursing, but there are so many more I can't wait to experience.


With my first two babies, they were exclusively breastfed until they were 6 months. Then we added in some solid foods. With my daughter, I stopped nursing when she was 1. With my son I continued breastfeeding until he was almost 3. They are only 18 months apart, so when I was done nursing him, I had been pregnant or nursing for five years straight. And believe me, I was DONE. But God, I get nostalgic when I look at those sweet babies on their mom's breasts. I can't wait to experience it all again.

Here are 10 reasons I can't wait to breastfeed again:

1.) Nothing more intimate: There is nothing in this world sweeter than the first time you nurse your newborn infant. Even through the pain and difficulty, that bonding. OMG. I cry just thinking about it.

2.) Weight loss: When I nursed my son, the weight just FLEW off my body. I looked fantastic and ran a great marathon time because I weighed so little. Best diet ever.

3.) The letdown: I love that tingly sensation when your milk comes out and brings all those beautiful, relaxing hormones.

4.) Down time: Maybe one of my favorite parts of nursing was how you could just sit for a little while and be with your baby/toddler. The rest of the world generally stopped.

5.) Reading: I read a lot more when I was nursing because it gets boring sometimes!

6.) Soothing: Nothing soothes a sad infant/baby/toddler better than a boob, and I love the portability and ease that comes with having that on hand all the time. It can be a lifesaver.

7.) Cute nursing tops: Glamour Mom makes awesome nursing tops that cover your postpartum pouch, but also serve as a bra. They even look kind of stylish. If you are busty like I am, being able to wear a tank top without an extra bra is like a Godsend.

8.) Co-sleeping: There are nights when you get to pull your baby into bed with you. It's the greatest feeling in the world to have that little person who is totally dependent on you right beside you, nursing all night. Sleep be damned.

9.) Bustiness: Yep, my boobs never looked better than when I was nursing. This may be more of a perk for the hubs, but I liked it, too.

10.) Satisfaction: There is something about providing this one of a kind food for your baby that is like no other feeling in the world. It's just pure magic. I can't wait to feel that again.

Did you like nursing your babies?

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