Pregnant 'Twerking' Is All the Rage -- Are You Doing It? (VIDEO)

pregnant twerking

It's the latest dance craze that probably won't be going away anytime soon -- and apparently it's gotten so popular that even pregnant women are twerking and posting videos of themselves shaking their thing.

Yep -- twerking. As in wiggling their hips, jiggling their butts, and thrusting their pelvises in and out.

You gotta love it. Check it out.



Ahh! All I have to say is -- mama's got some serious moves!

Let's face it -- pregnancy is probably the least sexy period of time in any woman's life, or at least it was for me. Once I got past the first trimester, I felt like a big, sweaty blimp who bordered on the lines of being totally repulsive. Sexy definitely wasn't a word that was in my vocabulary at that point in time -- but maybe I would've felt a little differently if I'd gotten my twerk on?

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If nothing else, at least shaking it in front of the camera would've brought a little more fun and excitement into those long days -- and I'm sure my husband and I would get a huge kick out of watching the clips now. (Though he'd probably never let me live them down.)

At least today's twerking moms-to-be have an awesome pregnancy memento to bust out at the most inappropriate time to embarrass the heck out of their kids down the road. OMG -- can you imagine the looks on their teenager's faces if they bust out the videos on prom night?

That would be classic.

Have you twerked during your pregnancy?


Image via ABCNews

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