25 Fake Swears Parents Use in Front of the Kids

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The first time my daughter dropped something and said "fudge ripple ice cream," I breathed a huge sigh of relief. She wasn't asking for a sweet treat. She was copying me, specifically copying my go-to "curse" word. Yes, occasionally I curse in front of my kid. But I try not to do it very often, and so I've got some "fake" curses up my sleeve, words I use in place of the really bad four-letter words that I want to say ... but shouldn't. "Fudge ripple ice cream," in case you haven't guessed, is what comes out of my mouth when I want to drop an F-bomb. It gets the job done, but I'll admit it's pretty comical, even a tad bit ridiculous

Check out this hilarious list of things other parents admit to saying just to avoid using bad words in front of their kids. Us parents are pretty flipping amazing, for fox sake. 

  • 1. Oh Buzzard Soups!

    2. Zip it, Happy Meal! (stolen from Despicable Me)

    3. Schmaltz! (aka s**t)

    4. Holy guacamole!

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  • 5. Fudge graham!

    6. My brother likes to yell "son of a BEAVER!" when he needs to swear and his kids are around. I like it because it still sounds dirty.

    7. I curse in front of [my kids] but on the occasion I remember in front of other people's kids, I use "oh, sugar snaps!"

    8. [My daughter] came up with "jingledarnit" as an alternative to swearing when we talked about it.

  • 9. Shut the front door!

    10. Flipping (in place of the other F-bomb).

    11. Razzle-frazzit! (Came from an old Looney Tunes)

    12. I say, "Oh coconuts," though I think I stole that from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

  • 13. I am always yelling "GARBAGE!" It takes the place of many words I want to use ...

    14. I used to say, "Oh crap" all the time. Not exactly the worst curse word, but one day as I was about to scream it I noticed my 4-year-old looking right at me, so, "Oh crumbcake" came out and it stuck!

    15. Sugar pie (in place of sh*t).

    16. Nuckin futs!

  • 17. Oh mustard! (for oh sh*t)

    18. Flip flop! (for f**k)

    19. Hockey Sticks! (for Hell)

    20. Ish! (for sh*t)

  • 21. My mom says "oh fart" instead of the f word.

    22. Fanabala! (f**k)

    23. Friggers! (for f**ers)

    24. Oh pickles! (for Oh sh*t)

    25. Fudge ripple ice cream!

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