9 Ways the Father-Toddler Relationship Is Better Than Any Bromance

father and toddler son

Is it weird that I have started to think of a 4-year-old as one of my best friends?

Despite all the difficulties that come with raising -- or even being around -- a toddler, there are seriously moments when I'm with my son that I think there isn't another soul on earth that I would rather be talking to right now.

But really, why can't someone who's been alive less than a Senate term be your best friend?

Consider the facts:

  1. My sons likes the same things I like (often he likes them because I like them). 
  2. He laughs at every single "funny" thing or joke I have ever told him, even the ones I have to explain to him. 
  3. He doesn't drink, but he also doesn't get all holier-than-thou if I choose to. In fact, he seems to enjoy that I enjoy a beer or two. 
  4. He is perpetually interested in my life and why I make the decisions I do, from the food I eat to why I favor boxers as sleepwear.
  5. He might get annoyed but he never gets offended when I offer constructive criticism, and sometimes he actually even changes his behavior.
  6. He’s really close with my wife, but not in a way I find at all threatening.
  7. He totally gets fart jokes. Like, on an almost spiritual level.
  8. He tells me he wants to dress like me and then gets upset when we can't. (Ok, that one is kind of Single White Female, but still ...).
  9. There is not a homophobic nerve ending in his entire body, and that in turn puts me at ease around him in a way I've never managed around other male friends. Case in point: When he recently joked that he was going to “eat my penis” and made mock chomping motions toward my crotch, I didn’t get weirded out and storm off and neurotically worry that I’d been giving off some vibe. I just laughed and gently suggested we not play that game. Ever. He was cool with that. 

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It’s possible all this says more about me than my son. After all, I’m the grown man who seems comfortable relating on a 4-year old level. Maybe all I’m identifying with is the simplicity of our relationship. While he can carry on a conversation and understand basic concepts, because of the gap in life experience between us, my son and I have to relate on an elemental level. But that just lets me experience friendship itself as something it almost never is: uncomplicated.

Besides, one can never have too many people in their life who appreciate a good fart joke.


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