7 Back to School Vows I'll Make -- & Break (PHOTOS)

back to schoolThe clock is counting down. Though it feels like I just took this photo of my daughter on the LAST day of school, all of a sudden, we only have a few more weeks until it's back to school time! And that means only three more weeks to evolve into a much more organized, calm, sane person! If you count those three years of preschool, this will be my SEVENTH year dealing with school as a mom. (Wow.) So by this time, I should really have my act together, right? 


Funny! Here are 7 vows I'm making that will ensure this year I'll finally have the routine down pat, no missing permission slips, and beautiful, easy mornings ... a mom can dream, right?

What are the back to school vows you'd like to make this year?


Image via April Daniels Hussar

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