10 Reasons I Am Dreading Nursing My New Baby

nursing applicationI am currently pregnant with my third child and my husband and I are over the moon excited for this baby girl to join our lives. We are busy getting our two older kids ready, preparing our house, and buying all of the gear that accompanies a baby after getting rid of it all a couple years ago (assuming we were done). Good times.

Of course, one of the major questions has been how will we feed this new little one who is coming more than 5.5 years after my last baby. Everything I once knew all about has changed dramatically. With my first two babies, they were exclusively breastfed until they were 6 months. Then we added in some solid foods. With my daughter, I stopped nursing when she was 1. With my son I continued breastfeeding until he was almost 3. They are only 18 months apart, so when I was done nursing him, I had been pregnant or nursing for five years straight. And believe me, I was DONE.


Of course now, I get to do it all again. Here are 10 reasons I am dreading breastfeeding again:

1.) Being tethered to the baby: There is something beautiful about those early weeks where your entire life is nursing, sleeping, and doing it again. But it starts to get a little old after time passes. A few weeks into the whole thing, you would like to actually leave the baby for an hour or two without being called back in to nurse.

2.) Pain: The first time, nursing hurt SO much. The second time, not so much. I am dreading the third time.

3.) Potential issues: I had mastitis, thrush, a blocked duct, and (as I mentioned) tons of pain in the beginning. I am not looking forward to going back to all that again.

4.) Lack of privacy: I have rather liked the past two years in which I have been able to actually keep my boobs well covered at all times. I HATE the stress of public nursing and not wanting to nurse in front of men. I am sure some women are fine with it. I wasn't one of them.

5.) Clothing: I have been back in regular bras for a while now and it has been lovely. I am not looking forward to yucky nursing bras with their straps that come undone so easily and give me a uniboob.

6.) Leaking boobs: I am not looking forward to being in a grocery store, hearing a crying baby, and suddenly having a mess on my shirt. So embarrassing.

7.) Midnight feedings: Actually, forget that. It's the 3 a.m. feedings that go on and on (and on) that are so painful. Midnight is nothing. I know it's finite, but still. It's hard to keep that perspective at 3 a.m.

8.) Nursing pads: Is there anything more disgusting than nursing pads? Sure, they keep you from leaking, but they get so gross after just a few hours.

9.) Weaning: I found weaning to be very hard both times, both emotionally and just physically. Saying goodbye to that bond, no matter how necessary, was very bittersweet and I am not looking forward to those hormones again.

10.) Disapproving looks: No matter how discreet you are while nursing, if you do it a while, someone inevitably will be judgy. Whether it's to tell you a 2-year-old is "too old for that" or to ask you not to nurse in public, the judgment is something I am just not ready to face again.

What would you dread about nursing (even if you loved it)?


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