10 Reasons My Child Won't Eat That

My 5-year-old and I got into a fight last night.

I made him ravioli for dinner, he refused to it eat, and I completely lost it.

What, that sounds unreasonable? Well, let me explain.

My son used to eat everything I put in front of him; he was a human garbage disposal, and with two other picky kids, I loved it. Peas? Bring 'em on. Salmon? Yum! Steak? He devoured it.

Until one day when he pushed the salmon away. The peas and steak quickly followed. One by one, all of the foods he used to eat became unappealing to him and were replaced with kid staples like mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. It was simply tragic. Ravioli was literally the last dinner he'd happily eat where I could sneak in some veggies and feel like I wasn't completely failing as a mother.

I will give him credit, though, for coming up with some creative excuses for not eating the food I place in front of him. Maybe he won't have the most balanced diet, but at least he can think on his feet? Maybe?


Ten reasons my son won't eat his dinner ...

1. There's green stuff on it and green is his favorite color.

2. It's too warm.

3. Now it's too cold.

4. It might be spicy.

5. Tomato sauce looks like blood and that's gross to eat.

6. Once I had that and I got sick. (Two weeks later. With a cold.)

7. It's staring at me.

8. It's mushy.

9. It's not ice cream. (OK, so I can't entirely disagree with that one.)

10. The dog wants it more than I do.


Image via Scary Mommy

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