'Convos With My 2-Year-Old': 'Coco' Refuses to Wear Pants Because She Hates Tags (VIDEOS)

pantsOkay parents, tell me if this sounds familiar. 1. Your child does not want to wear pants. 2. Your child hates clothing tags because obviously tags just tear up your skin and cause permanent nerve damage and scarring. 3. Wrestling your child into their pants feels remarkably like wrestling with a full-grown adult. Yes, it's time for another episode of the hit YouTube series Convos With My 2-Year-Old, in which the role of 2-year-old Coco is played by a grown man. 

This time we get to watch the dad try to get a pair of pants on "Coco." Why is this such a monumental task? Oh, I think we know why.


The toddler in our story here objects to pants because of the tag. But is it really about the tag? Or is it about not wanting to get dressed because getting dressed represents CHANGE, and CHANGE is scary to toddlers, especially when they are not in full control of that CHANGE? I also think toddlers just hate clothing on principle.

But the tag thing is a deep problem. They really hate those scratchy things. I remember cutting them out of all my son's clothing -- you, too? I love all the children's clothing makers who are smart enough to not bother putting tags on at all. They just print everything you need right on the inside of the shirt. Everyone needs to get on board with this: Tags are evil and they must be destroyed. Period.

And then the wrestling. I cannot believe how exhausting it is to wrestle such a tiny person into pants. All the kicking! Those little people are remarkably strong when they go into oppositional mode.

Was/is it this much trouble to get pants on your toddler?


Image via Convoswith2yrold/YouTube

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