Dad Uses Chocolate to Trick Baby Into Eating Her Veggies (VIDEO)

kit kat babySometimes, feeding your baby can be kind of frustrating. You took the time to cook them a delicious and nutritious meal that you spent your hard-earned money on, but they want nothing to do with it. Or heck, maybe you're just trying to give your kid a jar of baby food, because you'd love it if they gained some weight, but again -- they shut you down. Exasperation Nation. What's a parent to do?

Ooh, I know! Dangle a Kit Kat in front of their face, and just when the baby opens up their mouth to taste the sweet, chocolately goodness, stick a spoonful of broccoli in their pie hole! What, you don't think that's cool? One family does. Check it out:


All right, so I admit: This is pretty funny. And clever. But that poor kid! She thought she was about to bite into a Kit Kat when boom! Veggies to the mouth! If I had to take a stab in the dark, I'd say this trick will work exactly one more time. And then it's meltdown city, parents. So you may want to think of some new tricks.

I've experienced my share of feeding frustration with my daughter. Sometimes I'll make her what I think is a lovely, nutrious meal -- something she'll surely like! -- and she wants nothing to do with it, opting instead for Puffs or some kind of "O" cereal. It's a pain. When she was a bit younger, I went through a period of phoenetically sounding out the alphabet to her while I fed her. For whatever reason, she became kind of mesmerized and wound up eating. But now I've given up. If she's not gonna eat, she's not gonna eat. She's perfectly healthy and she's not going to starve herself, so yeah. I think my days of pulling out the parenting tricks to get her to eat are coming to a close.

Never did pull the Kit Kat card, though. Not sure too many people have.

How do you get your baby to eat?


Image via Danilo V/YouTube

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