Baby Bawls Every Time He Hears This Commercial Jingle (VIDEO)

nationwide insuranceBabies are just weird sometimes. They're little mysteries wrapped up in chubby cheeks and pajamas. What are they thinking? What do they want? And why are they crying -- again?!? Here's a real puzzler: This eight-month-old baby cries every time he hears the Nationwide Insurance jingle. Dad Beau Cooper noticed little Deegan getting upset right after a commercial, so he sang it again. Sure enough, Deegan cried. So he called his wife over and sang it again: Crying. They did it a third time just to capture it on video. More crying. And this is not even the end of the story!


They thought, maybe he just needs a nap? So hours later, after his nap, they sang it again. DEEGAN CRIED! What the hell? Okay, this baby has no idea what insurance is. It's just the song. Is there something intrinsically sad about the melody? Does Deegan associate it with an earlier sad memory? Should WE be crying when we hear the jingle? It's bizarre. Why is this song so upsetting? We will never know. But watch -- it's just uncanny.

I'm sorry, but there is just something hilarious about a crying baby -- when it's not your baby and you're not responsible for caring for it and you can stop the crying by hitting the pause button. That face they make? I love it. Am I evil?

Does your baby ever respond in a funny way to commercials or songs?


Image via sdcooper11/YouTube

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