7 Ways to Cope When Summer Vacation With Kids Comes to an End

summer vacationSummer vacation is (SOB) drawing to a close. Despite our best efforts to hold on to it forever, we all know that the leaves are about to change, school is about to start, and our lazy, hazy beach days will soon be behind us. So how do we cope when our summer days end? 

Whether you were lucky enough to have the whole summer off or you only took a week here and there, there is no doubt that the end of a long stretch of nothing but beach/lake/pool time can be traumatic. But it doesn't have to be.

What are some good ways to come down off a great vacation and ease back into work? Here are seven ideas to help you get back to real life:

  1. Plan something fun: If you were out of town, plan a BBQ or some other event for the night before you have to get back to work. Seeing all your friends and reminding yourself of what you like about home is a nice way to ease back into it all.
  2. Take the day (or two) after your return off: If you take a one-week vacation, pad your week with a day at the end. Give yourself a day at home to re-acclimate. You won't regret it.
  3. Wait to download the photos: Give yourself a day or so before you go back through them or you will find yourself weeping at the sight of all that fun.
  4. Take day trips: Make your weekends fun! Just because you have a M-F day job doesn't mean you have to hate the fall. The fall is beautiful! Love it!
  5. Relish the schedule: Kids do better when they are NOT on vacation. Any parent knows this for a fact. Love your schedule. Enjoy school starting and the return to normalcy.
  6. Plan a date night: Nothing says summer like a beautiful night alone with your spouse. Even if it's the middle of winter. Get a babysitter and go out. It gives you something to look forward to.
  7. Plan the next one: I know I hate it when I come home and have nothing to look forward to. We will often start planning our next vacation just days after returning from the first. So do it!

What do you do to help with vacation withdrawal?


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