16 of the Craziest Things Perfectly Normal Parents Have Said

Jeanne Sager | Aug 10, 2013 Being a Mom

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How many times have you heard the saying "out of the mouths of babes?" Kids can always be counted on to say some -- usually unintentionally -- hilarious things. But if you think they're alone in that regard, you probably haven't been a parent for very long.

Because parenthood is guaranteed to make you say things you never, in your craziest dreams, imagined you would say.

Not sure what I mean? Think about it. Did you talk about poop nearly as much before you had kids? Ever give lectures on licking?

We asked parents to 'fess up to some of the weirdest things they've found themselves saying since they became parents, and they did. Oh did they!

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Go ahead and laugh at their answers ... they'd laugh at you!

What is the CRAZIEST thing you've found yourself saying since you became a parent?


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