8 Things Moms of Preschoolers Worry About the Most

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There are so many things we worry about when it comes time to send our kids to preschool. It's baffling that it's even time for pre-k since you feel like you just gave birth months ago. But our little babies grow up way too fast and preschool is often the first step in your child's independence. Makes you kind of want to shove them back in the womb, doesn't it?

These fears we have about leaving our kids at preschool include will they hate it, have awful friends, will they miss us, or worse ... will they be happy to be away from us. But there are other worries that some don't like to talk about yet are very, very real. Here are 8 things moms of preschoolers worry about the most.


preschool worries1. Fitting in with the other moms and dads. Sure we worry if our kids will enter that classroom and find a friend, but we also worry if we will, too. It's awkward when you feel like an outcast ... even as an adult. We want friends! We want acceptance by the cool parents! We want to fit in!

2. What to wear at drop-off and pick-up. If you wear PJs at drop-off, you risk being slapped with a dress code. Yes, I'm talking about you the parent, not the child. Of course you don't want to wear a ball gown or stilettos either. But you still want to be yourself. Personally, I think as long as you brush your teeth, anything is acceptable. Not everyone is going to feel the same way.

3. If your snack choice when it's your turn to feed the class will be frowned upon. There are the organic-only families, the families who don't read labels, and the others who break their own food rules when it comes to feeding an entire classroom. Just be prepared that if you are the mom who sends in cupcakes and apple juice for snack when it's your turn, some mamas are gonna hate on you.

4. Having enough small talk without being TMI while waiting for class to end. You may find yourself waiting in the hallway for class to get let out and there is that awkward silence with the other parents who are waiting there as well. Arm yourself with talk about the weather, how cute the kids are, very light non-political news, and avoid chit-chat involving subjects like rashes that are your own.

5. Your parking being judged by other parents. At the pre-k I sent my twins, the only parking was on the street and it was always a huge pain in the butt to find a spot. Sometimes there would be what seemed like a spot, but it was questionable if the car would fit unless you tried and risked possibly bumping the car in front or behind you. In NYC where I'm from, this isn't an issue, but in other parts, it is. So spots would be avoided because no one wants to deal with that kind of parking stress.

6. Your child being the one jerky kid in the class. No one likes a bully. But no one likes a bully's parents even more.

7. If you dressed your kid too fancy or too sloppy. Kids are messy in school so you want to dress your child nice enough without looking like a slob. But at the same time, that fancy dress Aunt Jen gave your daughter is so darn cute and she's growing out of it fast, so why not let her wear it?

8. The dreaded plastic bag hanging on your little one's hook. This is the Scarlet Letter in pre-k. Your kid peed or pooped his pants and everybody knows it. And it's been sitting in this plastic bag for who knows how long. What a gift! If it's that fancy dress Aunt Jen gave you, you really want to clean it and not throw it out.

Of course, we only really need to worry that our kids are happy and learning something. Even if it's that their moms worry way too much.

Have you experienced any of these worries as a pre-k mom? What are you worried about most?


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