Mom Has World’s Most Epic Reaction to Kids’ Surprise Pregnancy News (VIDEO)

surprise pregnancy announcementIt seems like pretty much every pregnancy announcement under the sun has been done. Search "pregnancy announcement" on YouTube and a list of videos that could ostensibly fill the Empire State Building twice comes up. They're all adorable; they all elicit adorable reactions from the surprisee; but they all kind of make you think, "Man. It really all has been done."

I'm here to tell you it hasn't all been done. You too can come up with a never-before-seen pregnancy announcement! It just takes a little creativity. Take this couple, for instance. They thought of a super cute way to surprise their mom with news of their impending bundle. It was super simple. Super inexpensive. All they needed was a piece of bread.

Check it out. Because you're hard-pressed to ever see a reaction to a pregnancy this enthusiastic. Sheer awesomeness ahead.


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What a cute idea, right? And so simple. Doesn't get much easier than literally placing a bun in the oven and having someone find it! And what a positively awesome reaction from mom. Man, she was excited. A-plus all around.

Now. Are you thinking about how to announce your pregnancy? (You totally are, I know it.)

Did you announce your pregnancy in a fun way?


Image via AvenueEntertainment1/YouTube

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