5 Crazy Places Kids Get Stuck -- Part 2 (PHOTOS)

cat doorJust when you think you've seen it all, along comes a toddler who blows your mind with the way their little mind thinks. What looks like some innocent, innocuous object or situation to most of us can quickly turn into a precarious situation in the blink of child's eye. 

We've seen some crazy stories before of the places kids get stuck, but they keep doing it. So because it's so fascinating/terrifying/hilarious to see the baffling scenarios in which they find themselves, we present you with five more of the craziest places children have gotten stuck lately. They'll definitely make you look at the world around you a little differently.

Has your child ever gotten stuck somewhere crazy?

Image via Daviddje/Flickr

  • Boy Gets Stuck in Gumball Machine


    Image via<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/35735307@N00/4803061125/in/photolist-8jqWJH-7qGEBE-9F6BQW-9F6BV3-4tc4f9-9DD5ht-66SG7G-7j4V6y-93QH8N-7WfWhQ-cJ2Xqs-vqM95-cJ2XzC-6mCup5-izebv-dXR4XA-7vRTPb-5LqfNp-8z4G2v-5Z2MWV-27NkU-eiUkMF-9TTcMS-a97RX3-cLwTZ5-8ydTiN-2TiqPY-41vXki-QQhK-3imVeu-2FpJ3K-46AJua-d2JHkf-39o2Yx-eXAFr-7XhGx8-59bDPH-9L59ta-56Nmr4-vsbUK-F29qU-awYPk-djnkhd-8gWKrW-989ir

    It's hard to blame the boy. Those gumballs are so colorful and tempting, but when a 2-year-old reached his hand up to try and snatch one last May, he became majorly stuck. He wasn't about to unclench his fist from around the gumball to aid his release either. 

  • Girl Gets Stuck in Claw Machine


    Image via <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/75001512@N00/1096158890/in/photolist-2ES6Rd-7dKEwk-w1dKr-4s8ao5-QQjNz-7CSSbn-cCkHv1-4s8ahh-4s47ix-4s8aef-4s47vZ-dU4sAD-7CSSqz-e55zBa-9Va4u-dhRgBf-6hSJ18-ePFh4p-eiZGTE-56ttzR-98Swaz-4aHFyw-eFHXKg-89cyWX-B6oYn-y6ZBy-cdXZwN-dMCN5H-5ECrKt-eiUodc-8SnSKm-uHts1-9eDzW9-4aUsPR-MZ9F4-8UJeoJ-9ikNZ3-6RAkSU-JRbRA-5hVBcj-jcx1j-jcxtp-PopdP-4jKWps-34Ydj3-67G1nG-4m92Fm-8LVNfV-cm9x2d"

    This keeps happening! Most recently it happened in Surrey, England, when a little girl decided she was getting a prize no matter what and climbed right in. So there she was stuck in the claw machine with the toys as passersby gawked. Eventually staff at the carnival she was at unlocked the door, and the girl climbed out, but somebody really needs to figure out how to keep toddlers out of these machines.

  • Boy Gets Stuck on Potty


    Image via ToddleTale/YouTube

    Oh, this poor boy. Not only did he get stuck, but his parents posted a video of it that went viral. Being a kid these days is rough.

  • Girl's Tongue Gets Stuck in Water Bottle


    Image via iGerard/Flickr

    All those eco-friendly metal water bottles we use to save the Earth are apparently a problem for our curious kids as they're getting their tongues stuck in them frequently. One girl, Mary Kate Person, even wound up in the ICU after getting her tongue stuck in one. Yikes!

  • Girl Gets Stuck in Cat Door


    Image via Daviddje/Flickr

    Poor Emma-Jane Hewlett. The 2-year-old saw the cat crawling through the door and figured why not? Unfortunately, only her head fit through, and then she was stuck. According to the Northern Advocate, Emma-Jane was so stuck, her parents had to call firemen to free her, but not before they snapped some pictures, which will likely be used to torture her someday.

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